September 25

September 25

Jesus’ Ministry at Sea of Galilee — Jesus calms the sea & casts out Legion.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Luke 8:19-40

Reading 2: Mark 4:35-41

Reading 3: Mark 5:1-20

After telling us to come to Him for rest yesterday, Jesus demonstrates more examples of rest today, all through radical obedience to God’s direction.

First He takes His disciples across the lake in a storm – which He sleeps through, then calms with a command.

Then He calms the storm in one man’s tortured life, by casting out many demons with a similar command to that used in the storm.

And finally, we see the man now set free being sent to his own people to testify of the storm-calming power of Jesus!

What storms do you face today? And what is God telling you to say to them?

Have a great day!