September 24

September 24

John the Baptist’s Doubts — John questions Jesus from prison & Jesus comments on John.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Luke 7:18-35

Reading 2: Matthew 11

Reading 3: Isaiah 35:3-6

One man who laid down his life for Jesus’ sake was John the Baptist – he prepared the way for Jesus and was arrested before he could see the miracles we have discussed these past weeks.

Having paid a heavy price to prepare the way for the Messiah to come, John is anxious to know that his sacrifices have not been in vain; that the one he introduced truly IS the Messiah. And Jesus is pleased to confirm that in ways that John would understand uniquely – using the fulfillment of prophecy.

And Jesus adds a note to anyone who is weary after following God’s instructions (as John surely was): “come to Me and you will find rest for your souls”. John was prevented from doing this by his imprisonment, but we can do this daily – receive the easy burden that Jesus gives – follow, obey, rest.

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