September 21

September 21

Jesus’ Healings in Capernaum & Nain — The servant, the widow’s son, & Peter’s mother.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Luke 7:1-16

Reading 2: Matthew 8:5-17

Reading 3: Isaiah 53:4

Did you know that Jesus is drawn to faith? With the centurion’s servant, the healing was released in response to the master’s faith.

Did you know you don’t need faith to receive a miracle from Jesus? The widow was simply grieving the devastating loss of her final link to life, when Jesus stepped in to raise him from the dead.

Are these two stories contradictory? Not at all. The key is that Jesus has compassion on all humanity, and responds to our need as well as our faith. So the centurion and the widow both received what they needed – one by faith and the other by compassion. Peter’s mother-in-law likewise experienced the power of God in healing, freeing her to do what she wanted – to serve Jesus and His followers.

How will you respond to all God has given you?

Have a great day!