July 21

July 21

Josiah (Southern King 31 years) — Josiah’s Passover, dying in the wrong battle, & Jehoahaz.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Chronicles 35

Reading 2: Proverbs 26:17

Reading 3: 2 Chronicles 36:1-4

Today we read the culmination of Josiah’s revival efforts. The Passover he led the nation to celebrate was unlike any Passover before or since. Nevertheless, the peak of his obedience to God was effective in bringing the whole nation back to a place of relationship with God for a short time.

However, in a salutary reminder that we are all fallible, Josiah led his army into a battle that was not his own, and he was killed!

His son Jehoahaz was only king for a short time because the Pharaoh returned and deposed him.

So we see the power and the immaturity of youth in today’s reading, and again the common thread is that God will have His way in the affairs of men, whether the leaders cooperate with Him or not. So there are wide-ranging and eternal consequences to the choices we make.

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