July 19

July 19

Josiah (Southern King 31 years) — God calls Josiah & Jeremiah to influence a sinful nation.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Chronicles 34:1-7

Reading 2: Jeremiah 1

Reading 3: Jeremiah 25:3-9

After the disastrous reign of Manasseh, bringing Judah to the brink of destruction, God sends one more opportunity for His people to turn to Him.

And he chooses a king and a prophet who are very young. In their earliest years, God calls and appoints them so that the defilement of sin will be minimized in their lives. And they faithfully act to restore and call the nation back to God.

Jeremiah 25 records that the people of Judah rejected this final effort, and they are taken into captivity as a result. Still, the act of calling these two young men to stand against evil shows us again how patient God is, waiting for us to return so that He can restore us.

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