January 14

January 14.

Job and Elihu – Job’s suffering and Job’s foreshadowing of Christ’s suffering.

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Job 16
Reading 2: Job 32
Reading 3: Matthew 26:62-68

Job’s friends are determined to prove Job has sinned and deserves his suffering. Job is equally determined to maintain his innocence and trust in God.

In this way, Job foreshadows the suffering of Jesus.

And Elihu points out the error of Job’s friends but is also angry at Job for refusing to admit fault. His speech shows the enthusiasm and heart for justice that is common among the young and the sharp edge and impatience that can accompany it—these contrast with Jesus in Matthew 26.

So today, we have an early glimpse of what Jesus went through for our sakes. Why not take a few moments to reflect on this and to thank Him?

Together: discuss Jesus’ suffering, and pray prayers of thanksgiving together.

Have a great day!


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