January 13

January 13.

Job & Eliphaz — Job’s suffering & false accusations from his friends.

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Job 3
Reading 2: Job 4
Reading 3: Ezekiel 14:12-14

Job’s sufferings continue. He is enduring the unmerited attacks of the satan and the unfounded disapproval of his friends.

In chapter 3,  notice how Job laments his woes without once blaming God. He is an excellent example for us, although I trust that none of us will go through sufferings as extreme as Job’s! To trust God is a commendable response to suffering; to blame God is to place ourselves on God’s throne, implying that we have the wisdom or authority to judge.

In chapter 4, Eliphaz makes the same mistake – presuming to know right from wrong and to assign suffering a cause without acknowledging the satan’s interference.

The false accusations are in sharp contrast to Job’s honest but trusting lament. Let’s be careful to be honest with God and ourselves (whatever our trials) and maintain our trust in the One who judges rightly and rules everything. (And if your friends get all religious on you, maybe find some new friends!).

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