January 12

January 12.

Job & the satan (accuser) — Job’s suffering & example of patience.

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Job 1
Reading 2:  Job 2
Reading 3: James 5:9-11

Today we begin the story of Job, which opens with a clear description of the realities of living in a fallen world. The consequence of the Fall is that our forefathers’ disobedience placed this world under the authority of lawlessness – exemplified by the being called the accuser (the satan). God is still Lord over all things, but the lawless one has authority to disrupt God’s rule through accusation and stealing.

This is just what the satan does in Job’s life, causing what we mistakenly call “acts of God” to steal God’s blessing from Job. First, his family and possessions are destroyed, then his health.

Yet, even in his suffering, Job refuses to blame God. He encounters human wisdom, which says this is not fair, but it does not divert Job from the firm conviction that God is good, and just, and thus is worthy of worship, whatever befalls Job.

It is precisely this loving devotion that makes God so pleased with Job. Twice in these two chapters, we see God using Job as an example of humanity according to God’s design, a concept satan cannot accept or understand, and so satan seeks to destroy it.

So whatever trials we are going through, let’s follow Job’s example and trust God patiently.

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