April 12

April 12

Joshua’s Charge & Death — Joshua’s warning about serving two masters.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Joshua 24

Reading 2: 1 Samuel 7:2-4

Reading 3: Matthew 6:24

Yesterday we saw that the gift of the Promised Land reflected God’s gift of destiny to each of us. Today we read about the repeated sins of the Israelites in worshipping other gods. This is similar to wanting the freedom to choose between gasoline and diesel for your car. You can claim that freedom, but the consequences of your choice follow sooner or later! One is intended for your vehicle, and the other is not! In the end, it is wiser to follow the maker’s instructions.

So they are presented with a clear choice – the gods of their ancestors, the gods of the people they are driving out, or the Lord? And Joshua adds a famous statement: “as for me and my household, we will serve The Lord.”

Today it is hard for us to relate to such stories (there are few baals and ashtoreths being worshiped openly today). But we are surrounded by gods which are foreign to our heavenly Father’s nature and character: the god of money or possessions (including the god of poverty), the god of self-determination and independence, the god of sexual ‘freedom,’ the god of ‘might is right,’ and the god of ‘tolerance.’

None of these gods (and you can probably think of some others) is true to the nature of the true God – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the God who is revealed in Jesus, the God who chose us before the world began. The God who loves us in our sin.

So who will you choose today? One choice will make you part of this Story – One Story of One God with One Love – humanity.

Have a great day!