April 10

April 10

Joshua & the Sun/Conquests — Israel’s enemies & God’s victories.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Joshua 10

Reading 2: Joshua 11

Reading 3: Habakkuk 3:8-14

After the setback of the Gibeonite deception, Joshua and the Israelites faced a new challenge as the king of Jerusalem joined forces with all the other kings in the region to attack God’s people. But God, who forgives our sins and overlooks our failures, promises that the Israelites will be victorious.

After the victories over the southern kings, then the northern kings make an alliance and march out to fight Joshua and the Israelites. Again the enemies are defeated by the people of God.

So much fighting – is God an angry, volatile being who is bloodthirsty and cruel? No, those descriptions would better apply to the kings of the cities and regions the Israelites conquered. God is loving, caring, and determined to see righteousness restored in this land. The battles are like surgery, cutting out the evil from the land. Habakkuk tells us that the determination of the enemies was cultivated by God to ensure their destruction and that through the turmoil God is saving His people.

So how do you need God to engage your enemies today? He WILL bring you to victory!

Have a great day!